About us

Naviter Capital is a London-based investment firm, founded in 2013 that operates in the global credit markets.

Naviter Capital is run by senior financial markets executives with extensive experience in:

  • Building and running successful Fixed Income and Credit businesses, globally
  • Trading, Structuring and Investing in private and public debt transactions and instruments
  • Committing Capital and Managing Risk across cycles with consistent returns

Our Business

Naviter Capital is an adviser to Naviter Credit Fund SCSp which operates in all areas of credit and structured finance, with a focus on the alternative lending sector.

The fund's mission statement is to deliver recurring stable investment performance through portfolios of highly diversified credit investments mainly in the developed markets, focusing on SME lending, specialty finance and consumer finance.

The fund's investment approach is to originate and hold, directly and indirectly, portfolios of loans, and invest in both listed and unlisted debt securities referencing or backed by credit portfolios.

The team at Naviter Capital brings a unique combination of technical, market, risk management and structuring skills, used to originate, evaluate, diligence, negotiate and structure investments, in order to maximise returns while eliminating idiosyncratic risk.


Contact us

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Naviter Capital LLP

121 Sloane Street

T: +44 (0) 20 3875 3731